Join us for the 10th Annual Open Water Swimming Stage-Race
in the beautiful Texas Hill Country

Many thanks to our 2017 Partners:

American Swimming Association (sanction # OW17-1025)


Who: Adults: 18 & older. Youth (with entry approval of Race Director): 14-17.

What: Open water swimming stage race.

When: October 25-29, 2017

Where: The Upper Highland Lakes in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Why: For fitness, competition, fun, and the challenge

Times: Check-in 8:00am / Race Start approximately (but no ealier than) 9:00 a.m. each day


Monster Challenge, Weekend Warrior, Individual Stage Races.

General Notes for all Challenges: Entrants should have previously completed a mile open water race in under 40 minutes or 1650 yard or 1500 meter race in under 35 minutes. Entrants in any of the challenges must swim and complete all designated distances of the respective Challenge entered.” Failure to complete any stage within the designated time limit will result in elimination from the remainder of the challenges. If you have doubts about your ability to complete the distances in the specified times please do not enter. For each challenge, the person with the fastest aggregate time will be the winner. (see Event Schedule for time limits)

Highland Lakes MONSTER Challenge: Race 2-4+ miles in 5 lakes in 5 consecutive days. Please note, on your entry, your fastest mile time and time for the longest open water swim you have completed. Escort Kayakers permitted and highly encouraged for all stages of the Monster Challenge. Escort kayer is required for Lake Buchanan swims.

Highland Lakes WEEKEND WARRIOR — Monster Challenge: Race 2-3 miles in 3 lakes in 3 consecutive weekend days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Entrants in this division will be provided a swim cap and must wear it for the entire race.

Individual Stage Races: Any of the stages of the Monster Challenge may be entered as a single day entry. Please refer to time guidelines & limits as set forth for the Monster Challenge as well as limitations prescribed under “Event Limits.”

Tentative Event schedule:

Buchanan Buster
Lake Buchanan
3.8 - 4.2 mi.
Tex's Darn Challenge
Inks Lake
3.0 - 3.5 mi.
LBJ Loop
Lake LBJ
2.2 mi.
1 mi.
50 min.
Swim the Canyon
Lake Marble Falls
3.0 - 3.5 mi.
1 mi.
50 min
Home Stretch
Lake Travis 47mm
3 - 3.5 mi.

* Please note: The distances for each stage will be approximate with expected distances as noted. Exact courses, distances, time limits, and start sites may be altered even on race day due to safety considerations, lake levels, and lake access as well as other factors. Distances are set to range between 2 miles and 4.5 miles at each stage of the Monster Challenge and are approximately 1 mile at each stage of the Mini Challenge.

Rules: 2017 ASA Open Water rules and regulations will govern this event. No drafting. No fins, snorkels, heart monitors, wristwatches, or any other artificial aids permitted.

Suit rule: Only one suit and one cap may be worn. No tech suits. Swim suits shall not cover a man's body higher than the top of the pelvic bone or the belly button and shall not cover any part of the body below the top of the knee. Swim suits shall not cover a woman's body outside the shoulder-joints or above the shoulder-line and shall not cover the any part of the body below mid-thigh. The material of suits may consist only of cotton, lycra, nylon, polyester, and spandex. Any swimmer wishing to compete in a suit constructed of other materials must apply to ASA for permission in writing. Please make sure you wear an acceptable suit. If you have any doubt as to what suit you will be permitted to wear at this event, please check with the Event Director, Dr. Keith Bell at 512-327-2260.

Wetsuits: Wetsuits permitted in one mile swims only. Swimmers wearing wetsuits not eligible for awards.

Safety: Safety is our prime consideration. You should be healthy and in reasonably fit swimming shape. The Highland Lakes Challenge is not the time to test your open water swimming skills. If you have any doubts about your ability to complete the swim(s) in the specified amount of time, you should not enter that event. Please refer to “Event Menu” for time limits on each distance.

SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK: Swimming in a river, lake or pond always carries some risk of exposure. Unlike swimming pools, natural waters are not chlorinated or disinfected. The risk is higher after heavy rains when bacteria levels are elevated due to fecal matter washed into the lakes and streams.

Escort Kayakers: Escort kayaker required for all Lake Buchanan swimmers and all 1 mile swims. Escort kayakers permitted and highly encouraged for all other stages.

Awards: Awards will be given to the top Men and top Women in the Monster Challenge, and the winner of the Weekend Warrior. The top finisher in each day's Monster stage will win a certificate good for one of the Bluebonnet Cafe's famous pies. Each day, all participants & volunteers will receive a certificate good for a slice of pie from the Bluebonnet.

T-shirts: Event t-shirts for all on-time entrants. T-shirts not guaranteed for late entrants. Additional t-shirts may be pre-ordered with entry application.

Event Limits: You may enter only one of the following Highland Lakes Challenge events: Monster Challenge, Weekend Warrior, or a single stage per day with a limit of 2 of the 3 weekend warrior monster distances and a limit of 4 of the 5 Monster Challenge distances.

Eligibility: Open to Adults 18 and older and youth (with entry approval of Race Director) 14-17 years old.

Entry fees & deadlines: Entry fee is determined by the date of online entry or receipt (not postmark) of paper entry form, or online registraton and payment date. Please make sure you your entry is mailed in time to be recieved by the appropriate date or processed online by the deadlines posted. Incomplete entries may be returned and are subject to late fees. See Registration page.

All fees are non-refundable. Late registrants are not guaranteed a t-shirt. Ask us about team discounts for 12 or more.

Updates & Directions: See: www.AmericanSwimmingAssociation.com

Direct Questions & Comments to:
Sandy Neilson-Bell / 512-327-0955


All information subject to change.
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