Top 10 Things I Enjoyed About the Cap 2k

Day-glo pink swimcap that makes me visible to everything from boaters to low-orbit satellites
# 9
Feeling like a badass warrior, just because I had numbers drawn on my arms and legs with a Sharpie
# 8
Knowing that the money I’ve raised will help guarantee the future of Texas’ oldest swimming pool
# 7
That awesome sense of community and unity of purpose that I’ve only ever felt in Austin
# 6
The use of a statue of one of the finest blues guitarists in history as a landmark during the swim
# 5
Topping off a great workout with even greater food from the Taco Shack another fine Austin original.
# 4
Organization, efficiency and coordination that could teach 95% of corporations a thing or two
# 3
Plucking various types of vegetation and other debris from my swimsuit after finishing
# 2
Joining with other Austinites to help preserve an Austin landmark
# 1
Setting a time that I can work toward beating in the 2005 Cap 2k!

First Year Capital 2k Swimmer, M.K.