2017 PRE-RACE INSTRUCTIONS — Cap 2k Open Water Race & Pledge Swim

Thank you for registering for the Cap 2k 15th Annual Open Water Race and Pledge Swim  and for your support of our efforts to raise funds for Us TOO International for Prostate Cancer support —and— Swimability for swim lessons for those at risk. If you haven't already, please join us in spreading the word. It's not too late to donate or set up a fundraising page and get the word out via our social media-friendly site — www.crowdrise.com/cap2k2017

We hope you enjoy the swim. Please read the important following information.

SPECIAL NEEDS — If you have any special needs please let us know immediately so that we can work on accommodating you. 

SAFETY — Safety is our prime consideration. While there is not a qualifying standard for this event, you should have previously completed a mile swim in 40 minutes or faster. You should be healthy and in reasonably fit swimming shape. The Cap 2k is not the time to test your open water swimming skills. If you have any doubts about your ability to complete the swim in a reasonable amount of time, you should not participate. There will be a 1-hour time limit for the swim.

PACKET PICK-UP — Packet Pickup will be at the South Austin location of SwimFreak Swim Shop.

All swimmers residing within 30 miles of Austin are required to go to packet-pickup. Please show picture ID. Arrangements may be made for swimmers residing more than 30 miles from Austin. Email Sandy, Race Coordinator.

SWIM CAPS — The morning of check-in you will receive a swim cap for the Cap 2k. For safety reasons, please wear the issued cap. If you wear any cap other than the 2017 Cap 2k cap you were issued, you will be disqualified and may not be permitted to swim. Caps will be color coded to help identify your race division and to ensure proper recording of your finish time and place. Please have your cap on or handy when you enter the dock finish-area as it will be checked.

START-SITE PARKING —There will be no parking at Red Bud Isle.  The LCRA lot at 3700 Lake Austin Blvd. (across from Mozart's and Hula Hut) is available and a short walk from Red Bud Start Site. This lot is a little less than a mile walk from the post-race picnic.

FINISH-SITE PARKING — Please note: Available "finish area" parking will be found on Stratford on the South shore under the Mo-Pac Bridge (across from the Texas Rowing Center). Deep Eddy Pool parking lot will have limited availability.  There is no parking in the Austin High School lot.

CHECK-IN — Mandatory check-in begins at 8:45 a.m. and closes at 9:30 a.m. (sharp). Check-in is located in the clearing at the entry lot at Red Bud Isle. Keep in mind you'll need to leave enough time to walk from the parking area to the check-in. You will be asked to initial next to your name signifying that you will comply by the race rules. There you will be issued the official participant race card, as well as your swim cap. Your race number will be marked on your arms and your participant race card will be required for entry into the water. Wetsuit swimmers will be marked on the arms and/or neck and on the race cap, which must be worn during the race.

OPTING OUT OF RACE — IF, for some reason, you leave the race after check-in, or get out of the water after entry, please see Sandy (race coordinator) in order that your entry card be removed from the cards collected — otherwise, you are thought to still be in the water and will come up "missing" in our finish race data. Please let us know if you "opt-out."

RACE BRIEFING — At 9:40 there will be a mandatory general briefing. This will be at the check-in area. Best not to wander from the check-in area after 9:30. The start area is a 5-7 min walk from the briefing area. If you venture down the path to take a look, please make sure you are back in plenty of time for the briefing.

POISON IVY — Beware of poison oak/ivy in the wooded areas and on dogs or others who go through the wooded areas.

START AREA — The start area is a 5-7 min walk from the briefing area. There will be plenty of time to walk there after the briefing.

WATER ENTRY — Under no circumstances may you enter the water at any time from anywhere but the designated dock start area on the peninsula at the designated warm-up for start time. 

RULES FOR THE CAP 2K — Please read the ASA Open Water Rules found on the rules page of the www.AmericanSwimmingAssociation.com. You are responsible for knowing the rules and conducting yourself in accordance to these rules. You must remain behind the start buoys until the command for the start is sounded.

Suit . . . Goggles . . . Cap only. Please note that you may not use any artificial aids, such as wristwatches, heart monitors, tech suits, triathlon suits, snorkels, fins, flotation devices, motorboats, gummy bears, etc. or carry any other objects or types of devices onto the dock or into the water. Please leave these extra items, and anything other than "suit, goggles, cap" at home. 

SAFETY STATIONS — are not rest stations. Please remember that kayakers, lifeguards, and any other safety stations are there to observe the race and help with safety needs. The kayaks and other water craft are not “resting” spots. Making contact with any of safety craft constitutes a disqualification and you will be pulled from the swim. If you are truly in need of help during the race please wave your arm above your head and a lifeguard will approach to offer help.

COSTUME — (Wetsuit division excepted) A swimmer may wear only one suit. Only one cap (issued race cap) allowed. See FAQ's re: "tech suits."

Suit Rule — A swimmer may wear only one suit. Swim suits shall not cover a man's body higher than the top of the pelvic bone or the belly button and shall not cover any part of the body below the top of the knee. Swim suits shall not cover a woman's body outside the shoulder-joints or above the shoulder-line and shall not cover the any part of the body below mid-thigh. The material of suits may consist only of cotton, lycra, nylon, polyester, and spandex. Any swimmer wishing to compete in a suit constructed of other materials must apply to ASA for permission in writing. If you have any questions about the suit rule please contact: Dr. Keith Bell, Race Director at 512-327-2260. If your suit does not comply you should be placed in the wetsuit category.

CLOTHES CHECK & TRANSPORT — The participant card that is issued to you at check-in will have a label with your name on it. It is to be attached to the white trash bag you will be given at the clothes-drop station. You need not bring your own bag, but if you bring your own bag, please (if at all possible) make sure it will fit in a medium size kitchen garbage bag as the labels usually fall off most other material. Before entering the start area you should check your gear with our volunteers at the clothes-drop table. Clothes will be transported to the finish end (TRC). Please leave any valuables at home or elsewhere. We will not be responsible for any lost items. If you finish toward the end of the hour we would appreciate it if you’d head directly over to the clothes pickup area to gather your clothes. It would be great if you either take your bag home with you to re-use or leave it at our clothes station to be re-cycled or used.

WARM UP — Warm up will be available following the race briefing (from about 10:10 a.m. until the start at 10:30 a.m.) in the area in Lady Bird Lake between the swimmer entrance dock at the southern-most tip of Red Bud Isle and the starting buoys. Enter the water only from the official entry area. Please do not enter the starting area or the dock area unless you are ready to get in and to stay in the water. Only so many people are allowed on the dock at once. Volunteers will help keep the line moving. Volunteers will collect your participant card. IF, for some reason, you must get out of the water, please see Race Coordinator, Sandy, in order to have your card removes — otherwise, we think you are still in the water. 

STARTING LINE & RACE WARMUP — The starting line for the 13th Annual Cap 2k is approximately 350-400 meters offshore from Red Bud Isle entry point. If you would like to take advantage of the swim to the starting line to warm up for the race please be aware that you must time your entry in the water in order to reach the start line on time. If you need help figuring out when to enter water don’t hesitate to ask Sandy or Keith. We will not be able to hold the start for stragglers. Thanks to Capital Cruises, we will provide a shuttle from the entry dock area to the start area for a limited number of swimmers. We encourage those swimming at a slower pace to take advantage of the pontoon shuttle for better race start timing and those with the stamina to use the distance as a warmup.

SWIMMER ENTRY INTO WATER — For your safety, and the safety of others, a FEET FIRST ENTRY from the END of the dock into Lady Bird Lake from the dock is required in order to participate in the swim — NO DIVING ALLOWED. After entering the FEET FIRST from the start area dock at the end of Red Bud Isle, make your way to any point in the river away from shore and behind the starting buoys.

THE COURSE — The race will start from behind (north of) the starting buoys in Town Lake. The race will be started with the sound of an air horn from our lead kayaker. Kayakers and canoes will be positioned along the sides of the course for safety. The race is a straightaway course down Lady Bird Lake. You must swim under the Mopac Bridge between the support columns on the right-most (south) side of the river. The river toward the left bank is shallow and not safe for swimming.

As you come out from under the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge (located under the Mopac / Loop 1 overpass) look for the finish chute and two finish buoys located at the Texas Rowing Center dock on the north shore (ahead on the left). Swim through the two large buoys. A swimmer will have completed the course when he crosses the invisible line between these two buoys.

FINISH STICK — When you swim through the finish buoys and get to the dock you will be handed a "finish stick." Please help our volunteer "finish-recorders" by getting out of the way of the other finishers, sliding to the right along the dock, (or the direction they point you, downstream) & keeping in the order in which you finished. Let our finish helpers assist you onto the dock where our volunteers will record your name, race number & finish place. After your stick # and participant # are registered on the dock you may proceed to the clothes area. Keep your stick. It is your picnic lunch ticket.

CANCELLATION POLICY — The race will go on unless it becomes clear that weather conditions, or other acts beyond our control, make proceeding with the race unsafe for participants. Please be assured that we will do everything in our power to give you the opportunity to swim. Unfortunately, should we have to cancel, we are unable to reschedule the event or to make any refunds. Thank you for your understanding.

WARM-DOWN AT DEEP EDDY POOL — Please note: there is no warm-down in the lake under any circumstance. Any warm-down you need to do can be done at Deep Eddy Pool. There is a pool fee.

PICNIC LUNCH — You’ve got to eat — join us at the picnic for a bit to eat and awards. This year’s menu includes a chicken & beef taco bar with sides from Maudie’s TexMex and ThunderCloud lunches. You will recieve a ticket for a free Jim-Jim's Water Ice available from any Jim Jim's location. (There is one in Deep Eddy Pool). Lunch is complimentary to participants. Remember to keep your finish stick. It’s your lunch ticket.

AWARDS — Awards will be handed out at the picnic.

VIEWING THE RACE — We hope your friends and family will be coming out to watch and cheer you on. The best viewing of the race will be from the Capital Cruises double-decker boat, The Nighthawk. Tickets for spectators to ride the boat may be purchased online for $15 per ticket ($10 child 4-11). The entire race may also be viewed from the south side of the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge.

FUNDRAISING EFFORTSIf you are not already doing so, please consider donating or making a push to spread awareness and raise funds for either Prostate Cancer support or Swim Lessons for those at risk. We have an easy setup at: www.crowdrise.com/cap2k2017. It only takes a few minutes to set up your own page or send out the link to the event page.

Call Race Director:  Keith Bell — 512-327-2260 or Race Organizer: Sandy Neilson: 512-327-0955