Cap 2k Kudos

"Thanks for the race, I had a great swim. I look forward to next year's event and would like to help if possible. By the way, getting involved in this year's swim has had a greater result in that I'm swimming harder for my 30 or so minutes each work day. I probably would not have started this without the event, thanks again." — Deep Eddy deep end regular, Les Carnes 

"I really enjoyed the event. It was very well run. Kudos to you and Sandy. I look forward to it next year. Cheers. — Reza Shirazi

"I LOVED the Cap 2k Swim! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I can't wait until next year to do it again! Thanks to you, Sandy and all the sponsors fot making it happen. The Cap 2k Open Water Swim is a truly memorable event. Best regards and  many thanks." — Lynn Neillie

"That was fun!" — Tzatzil Willebeek-LeMair

"Congratulations once again on a fine event.  We couldn't have ordered better weather Saturday morning and everyone seemed to have a good time." — Celeste Hamman

"We had a great time at the race yesterday - it was just perfect!  Quite an adventure.   Congratulations on a super job of making it all happen!" — Kellie Bledsoe

"Keith and Sandy and all: YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB. THANKS," — Dotson Smith

"Thanx for a great event.  I thoroughly enjoyed my swim in the town lake.  My only regret is that I did not swim last year.  We are all spoiled to believe that all open water swims are as professionally managed as was the 2004 "Cap2K". — Hank Barney

"Sandy & Keith, Thanks for a great time yesterday!  The swim was terrific.  Everything was so well organized. The after party was lots of fun, too. It's obvious that you put in a ton of time and effort. Thanks for all of your hard work! This swim is going to become huge if it continues to go so well." — Michele Hauser

"The race went well, thanks for organizing it.  Looking forward to next year's swim." — Maureen Fry

"A great event! Thanks for all the hard work. The post-race food was really good, too!" — Lisa Quinn

"Thanks to you and Sandy --my sister from California and I will make this event an annual sister reunion." — Susan Craven

"Thanks so much for organizing such an event for the SWIMMERS !!!" — R Mingea MD

"First of all, thank you for organizing such a unique Austin event.  Hearing the "Star Spangled Banner" performed a cappella by the Studebakers before the race, sharing the Taco-Shack fajitas and Jim-Jim ices with the other swimmers, and hitching a return ride back to the starting line on the Capital Cruises boat all added up to a memorable and rewarding experience.  All your hard work is really appreciated.

And, in addition to the above, another thing I enjoyed about the Capital 2K Swim was actually getting to swim  under the Lamar Street Bridge.  After driving over the darn thing for more than 30 years, it was a unique experience to cross safely beneath its unyielding weight and traffic by swimming down the cool, green waters of Town Lake.

P.S.  Had the opportunity to sit by Leighton Hodges on the return boat trip.  He shared with me some of the many digital photos he had taken.  They were great!  Looking forward to seeing them posted whenever they are available." — Ron Curry

I swam my first official open water race in 2004 at the Cap 2K. It was so great. It was a unique experience, and I am telling my fellow teammates and coaches that we try to get more people to swim in it next year. Thank you for a great time." — Kristine Kelly-Southesat Texas Aqua Racers (USS Team) and Pasadena (Texas) Aquatics Team (HS Team)

"This rates up there with competing at the last two NCAAs," O'Brien said. "It's just as important to me. This is what Austin is all about." — Nate O’Brien, quoted in the Austin American-Statesman 2003

"TODAY WAS SOOOOOOOO AWESOME. thanks for organizing and putting it all together. All your hard work showed and it was such a great event. Kudos to you." — Mitch Dorsey

"You were right! The race was a blast and the temp not an issue. The event was a great experience for me." — Jim Carson

"The Cap 2K was awesome! I can't decide if it was more of a race for me versus an aesthetic experience. My favorite mental snap shot is looking back from the water at the festive atmosphere on the dock before the start.  The blue sky, the colored caps -  it was such a great affirmation of life, Austin and swimming!!" — Bob Lum

"Thank you for a perfect event!   Your expertise and commitment to excellence really paid off for all of us.   We had a great time." — Elise Ragland 

"Thanks again for a great swim. Loved swimming into the light under the bridges & feeling like a dolphin in the tumbly water." — Robin Bradford

Just wanted to let you know how much I loved that swim yesterday! It was the MOST FUN! I'm crossing my fingers that you do it again next year ... I bet you'll have twice as many people wanting to swim in it. The water was the perfect temperature, the start was great and all the people hauling us out of hte water were much appreciated. You guys did a lot of work, and it showed." — Pam LeBlanc

Thanks so much for putting together a great event. I had a fantastic time and plan on making this an annual tradition. Terrific job! Melissa Kaplan

"Just a note to tell you we had a great time on Sunday. I hope we can do it again next year,  Open water swims get short shrift in the recreational racing world (compared to 5k's and bike tours).  I'd love to keep this one a tradition!" — Alan Arvesan

"I had a great time.  The race was excellent, the scenery beautiful, and the water refreshing. I hope y'all are able to make this an annual event for years to come.  I love swimming great races in my hometown. Thanks so much for all of your and Sandy's hard work." — Melanie Oberlin

"Looks like yall pulled off a very successful event.  thank you for all the hard work and effort.  it was lots of fun and a great way for me to celebrate my birthday." — Celeste Hamman

"The race was a joy to compete in and was very well organized.  I see in the future the race just growing in numbers. Thanks for the hard work."— Ben Dranguet

"Thanks for a great race." — Pierre Filardi

"Congratulations on the great swim Sunday." — Jon Swanson

"Thank you for letting us be a part of your First Annual Open Water Swim.  It was really a great time.  We appreciate you all so much." — Bob & Vicky Ward

"I think it can be like the Capital 10,000." — Chip McCormick