What is the expected water temperature in Town Lake for race day?

The historic water temperature in Lady Bird Lake has ranged between 68-70 for this race the past 7 years.  The water temperature is measured at the plant intake for the Green Water Treatment Plant, which is 8.5 feet below the surface.  The temperature at the surface is expected to be warmer.
In comparison,  the water temperature at Barton Springs is usually approximately 68 degrees and Deep Eddy typically ranges between 68-72 degrees.

To whom should the pledge checks be made payable?

Pledge checks for Prostate Cancer should be made out to: Us TOO International In the memo please note "Cap2k" and your name [the swimmer]. Collect all of your pledges, then mail or deliver your pledges, along with your completed Pledge Sheet, by May 15, 2017 to: Cap 2k Pledge Swim, 3101 Mistyglen Circle, Austin, TX 78746. You may also turn into Cap 2k representatives at Packet Pickup. Please do not bring money to Race Site.

What do we do with our clothes?

Cap 2k Clothes Shuttle volunteers will get your gear from the start to the finish end.

At check-in you will be given a bag & a label with your name & your number. Please leave all valuables elsewhere. Our volunteers cannot be responsible for your valuables.

Before you get in the water, put your gear (reminder: no valuables please) in the bag and give it to a designated volunteer. If you have a backpack, swimbag, or other tote bag, that you would like to check, you may do so, but we would prefer you fit it in the plastic bag. If there is not chance it will fit please make sure the label you were provided with is firmly attached. We would also appreciate it if you would note the location of your label to our clothes people such that they can more securely attach it if need be.

Your bag will be transported from the start site at Red Bud Isle to the finish site at Texas Rowing Center. Bag pickup will be located on the grassy area at the street just west (left as you're walking out to the street) of the entrance to the Texas Rowing Center. You can make claim to your gear upon exiting the water and getting your finish stick recorded.

As a courtesy to others and for the safety of everyone's gear, we ask that you please allow the volunteers to retrieve your bag for you.

Is Lady Bird Lake safe to swim in? Why is swimming not usually allowed?

Swimming is not usually allowed in Lady Bird Lake because there there are risks with a fairly swift current at many times — depending on the flow of the dam — and it is an unguarded body of water. Normally it's not legal to swim in Lady Bird Lake.

It is swimmable, however, with special permission from the City Council (as obtained for the Cap 2k). For this race the LCRA will have the dam shut off and the current will be considerably less than usual.

How are our times recorded?

We have a couple of timers, recorders and also a couple finish judges on the dock. These people record times and numbers as you make your way between the finish buoys.  After you exit the water with your finish stick you swimmer # is again recorded in the finish order.  The times and order # are put together, checked  and double-checked after all the swimmers come in and again post-event. We also have a video of the finish in case there are any discrepancies. 

Please help our finish judges by getting in and staying in the order of your finish. They will do their best to guide you but it always helps when swimmers pay attention. We know you will be exhilirated from the swim and most likely catching your breath, but as soon as you can take a look at the people on the dock who are trying to help you keep in finish order, that would be great :)